Jon Cassie is an educator, consultant and writer.

For the past 13 years, he has been a teacher and education leader at independent schools in Dallas and Los Angeles. He is currently the Assistant Head of School at Milken Community High School in Los Angeles. In his career he has taught History, English and Latin. He has served as a curricular leader, a dean of students and as a member of the senior leadership team at Milken.

His teaching practice is centered on the intersection of core skills (critical thinking, critical writing, effective reading and persuasive speaking) with emergent, 21st century methods. His leadership practice focuses on developing the leadership capacity of teachers to empower them to transform teaching and learning for their students.

He has consulted on curriculum design, program development and educational leadership with educators in Germany, Austria and Israel as well as across the United States.

He blogs regularly on 21st century education, America 3.0 and, reflecting his great breadth of interests, on a variety of other topics at